The Premier Cloud-based EDI Provider in North America

SPS-Commerce features:

  • Over 50,000 trading partners already online
  • Fast setup
  • Choice of EDI modes, depending on your needs
  • Supports all major EDI forms
  • Unified standard for EDI transactions – with all trading partners!
  • Supports hundreds of special EDI scenarios
  • Over 900 employees: Unmatched for technical support and account management

RDI’s SPS EDI Manager provides tight integration between SPS and AccountMate:

  • Handles major form types
  • Automated or batch mode
  • Designed to support special mappings, complex EDI scenarios
  • Optimized for high-volume transactions

And there’s more: SPS now offers additional solutions for:

  • Sales Analytics
  • Item Data Management
  • Item Sourcing