Online Sales Configurators for AccountMate !

RDI-OC allows your customers to buy complex products online – with the ability to rapidly choose they options they need. Use OC to sell clothing, furniture, electronics, gifts, technical products, jewelry – anything where you want to present options and variations. With OC you can give your customer a fast and friendly buying experience; and you can provide a super-compelling sales presentation. RDI-OC is powered by Magento™ technology for maximum robust functionality; and it is tightly integrated with your AccountMate system.

How it works: Magento has a variety of online-configurators built-in or available by extension. (See examples below). OC links all of the major configurators with AccountMate. You choose the configurator you like, and then OC does the rest.

Our technicians will set up the configurator of your choice, and you are ready to go. Your configurator will utilize product info as set up in AccountMate; when an end-user creates an order, it will automatically appear in AccountMate, fully configured!

Technical detail: RDI has developed the most mature and robust e-technology available for AccountMate: PHP, Open-source, works with all SQLServer/Express versions of AccountMate ver 6 or later. We leverage Magento technology because it is mature and robust; it can be stripped down and embedded into almost any web platform that you already have. This is a ready-to-go, “no-limits” solution. RDI staff is long-time expert in AccountMate, Magento, and Internet technologies.