Integrate eCommerce/Shopping Cart platforms

RDI-Link integrates eCommerce/ShoppingCart platforms (like Magento, Amazon Stores and eBay) tightly with AccountMate.

Key Features:

  • Imports new orders into AccountMate
  • Imports new customers into AccountMate
  • Automatic, unattended operation or Batch Operation
  • Flexible options for mapping eCommerce Order#s, Customer#s into AccountMate
  • Update product prices and quantities from AccountMate into eCommerce

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Works with all recent versions AccountMate
  • Tight integration allows you to leverage the power of eCommerce and AccountMate
  • Support for multiple channels/web stores
  • Option to update order status between eCommerce and AccountMate
  • Options for EDI, Customer Portals, Price Management and more
  • Tools for loading products from AccountMate into eCommerce
  • Can be configured for complex business rules
  • Fast implementation


  •  RDI-Link is PHP, open source
  • We follow best available standards for integration with eCommerce, AM


  • RDI-Link is certified for: Magento (Ver 1,2) , Amazon Stores, eBay, NewEgg, and more
  • RDI-Link works with most API-compliant shopping-carts; inquire for details