The Premier eCommerce/Shopping Cart system in North America

Magento offers:

  • Massive functionality: The core product is huge, plus thousands of third-party extensions. Nearly anything you can imagine can be done with Magento
  • Huge installed base: Over 250,000 businesses
  • Huge support ecosystem: Thousands of vendors and products
  • Owned by eBay – who is doing an excellent job of supporting and expanding Magento
  • Well-engineered: Many Fortune 1000 companies use Magento
  • The core product is free!
  • Scalable: Magento is used by tiny startups and also Fortune 1000 companies. Amazing!

When you add up these attributes, Magento is an ideal solution for most businesses.

RDI is expert with Magento, offering:

  • Site design, development and support.
  • Tight integration with AccountMate: we are experts with complex integration, back-office, etc.
  • Detailed customization and extension of Magento: we are one of the few firms that knows the internal architecture of Magento.

Add ERP/Financial with RDI-Link:

  • RDI-Link provides detailed bi-directional linkage between Magento and ERP/Financial
  • RDI-Link handles basic scenarios, and over 100 extended scenarios!