RDI Consulting

RDI Consulting was founded in 1982 by two technology PhD’s.

Based in Los Angeles, RDI Consulting specializes in core software infrastructure for midsize business:

  • ERP/Financial systems
  • eCommerce/eBusiness
  • EDI

We have a West Coast staff of 6, plus an offshore team of top Microsoft-certified specialists.

We provide better results than most of our competition.

Because of our deep technical mastery, total focus on our niche, and long experience (30+ years and many hundreds of systems). We are known for solving problems that have evaded other consultants – in fact some of our referrals come from other consulting firms.

We drive our work with high standards, including:

  • Technical skill at the highest levels, no compromises, no limits
  • Customer-centric approach
  • High awareness of the key business issues
  • Innovative-insight at all times, even in routine tasks
  • Hard work

Practical results: we get the job done.

We also are continually looking for value-added: software is a highly-leveraged technology, and an occasional “good idea” can result in massive financial benefits for a business. Our standards have been key to the success of RDI and its many clients.

Executive Management Team

William A. Klein, Chairman of the Board: A prominent high-tech entrepreneur, Mr. Klein was founder of Cybernex, which became the world’s leading independent manufacturer of recording heads and related assemblies for computer disk and tape drives and other data storage products. He also founded Cerplex, the largest electronic repair outsourcing company in the world. He has sat on the boards of five publicly traded companies.

Isaac Malitz, Ph.D., President: Dr. Malitz is a veteran software developer and systems integrator. With Waqidi Falicoff, he was founder of The Logic Handle, in 1982. He has implemented hundreds of financial database systems, and has some significant innovations to his credit. He was mentored in management by Robert Shafer, CMC. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy / Mathematical Logic from UCLA (1976). Several mathematical concepts have been named in his honor.

Harvey Lawton: Mr. Lawton is an expert in Microsoft technology, Linux, database, diagnostics, and e-commerce. He was the inventor of Fax-On-Demand; he is one of the pioneers in automated remote diagnostics; he was a pioneer in automated insurance-quoting services. He is founder and senior management for EasyMedOnline.com, one of the top e-commerce sites selling wheelchairs and mobility products.

Derek Hart: Mr. Hart is an expert in Microsoft technology, database, forms applications, and advanced e-commerce. He is a leading specialist in forms applications for the insurance industry (including development of mass-market software applications). He has developed the “Extreme Relational” (“XR”) standard which allows rapid deployment and real-time restructuring of complex online databases. Derek is one of the top experts in Microsoft Access in the USA.